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Spin State

Available Now on iTunes, Apple TV, Prime Video, VUDU and cable in North America.

(International release to follow.)


After years of suffering from blackouts that leave him waking in strange locations with no memory of how he got there, Kline Dyson has constructed a version of reality to help him cope - a reality that has also left him alienated and alone. When a violent outburst after a break-in at his apartment puts him under the eye of a newly-assigned mental health worker, he becomes concerned the true extent of his condition might be about to be uncovered. In the meantime his suspicions about who broke into his apartment lead him to an ex-client at the private investigation firm where he works; Dana Weltzlar, a young scientist who has become concerned about her husband’s strange behaviour. Drawn out into a faded post-industrial British landscape, Kline seeks a sense of identity and explanation from a world that he struggles to make sense of. When his mental state begins to spiral, those around him question his grip on reality, forcing him to look to his fractious connection with Dana for salvation. When her insights into quantum physics seem to confirm the idea that reality is whatever you want it to be, Kline becomes convinced that what he’s experiencing is more than just a psychological break. 

Runtime: 1hr 35m

Writer / Director  - Ross A Wilson

Producers - Ross A Wilson, Donna Enticknap

Featuring - Jamie Robson & Seyan Sarvan with Aurora Fearnley, Carsten Clemens, Will Harrison-Wallace & Katarína Andrejcová.