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ARCHIVIA - In Post-production (2022)

A shaman-like figure wandering the deserted landscapes of a future Scotland discovers a crag in the landscape through which he makes a connection to a distant past, unleashing a dormant power in the land that once nearly destroyed the environment.


An experimental Scottish sci-fi shot on black and white 16mm film, Archivia combines archival footage of Scotland’s industrial past with improvised performance in a film exploring climate change from the perspective of a distant future. Examining eerie manufactured landscapes left to us by late capitalism juxtaposed against the backdrop of ancient natural topography, Archivia is an attempt to let landscape drive narrative and to connect with the inaccessible nature of geological time to evoke feelings about hyper-objects such as climate change and industry’s impact on memory and landscape.  

Director & Concept - Ross A Wilson

Featuring - Jamie Robson